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When it comes to wedding trends, I get to see things as they come to fruition.  But if you want to find out what’s going on at the forefront in the wedding design world, you go to the ladies who know – Sarah & JoAnn of Bloomin’ Bouquets! I asked them to share with me what their brides’ are asking them to incorporate in their 2015 wedding designs and here is what they said….


2015 wedding trend, floral headpieces for brides


“When Julie Anne asked us if we would be willing to guest blog on her website, we were honored. When she asked us to write about 2015 trends, we were even more thrilled. It did not take us long to decide that one of the biggest trends we are seeing this year is…drum-roll…..floral headpieces! You might hear that and think that this is nothing new, and you are right! Floral headpieces, or flower crowns, are not a new and emerging concept. Flower crowns actually date back to ancient Greece where more men wore them than women. Julius Caesar is a great example of this as you might see pictures of him in a crown made of laurel leaves, known as the laurel leaf crown. In more modern times, Elizabeth Taylor is also a great example of an iconic star that wore headpieces. You could find her head adorned with draping flowers, sometimes simple and sometimes elaborate. This leads us to today, 2015, and we are still seeing flower crowns trending. Granted, appropriately with today’s time, we are seeing a more unorthodox approach to the flower crown. We are noticing that the crown is not so much a crown as it is a headpiece. These lush floral crowns that we have seen over the years are evolving into more garlands, hair combs, and even individual floral pins that are spread out throughout the hair. One of the reasons that this is so popular today is that it is different, it is easy to personalize to each wedding, it can be simple or elaborate, it has history, and most importantly IT IS GORGEOUS ON ANY BRIDE! Hopefully this has inspired you to incorporate this at your wedding with flower girl or bridesmaids crowns or even in your own hairdo as a bride!”


flower girl's orchid floral headpiece for sandbar wedding on anna maria island




That’s right brides….get ready for flowers in your hair & everywhere!!! Special Thanks to Bloomin’ Bouquets for their insight! I just love these ladies…

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